Xanthus provides a variety of global public relations programs specifically designed for individual experts.
  Xanthus Communications offers the full array of services in public relations, marketing communications and reputation management.
  Xanthus makes a policy of conducting the utmost discretion in all its client relations. Client confidentiality is critical to our success. On behalf of our clients, we abide by the highest standards of integrity, honor and loyalty.
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At Xanthus, we spot media trends before anyone else and use this information to your advantage. We study the competitive business landscape and point you to the most favorable position.

Effective PR requires skill, determination, and innate talent— a certain genius for understanding the current social, economic and political climate.

The mission of Xanthus is to help you run a good race. Sometimes you will win. Sometimes you will lose. No matter what, you will always be a contender.


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