Xanthus provides a variety of global public relations programs specifically designed for individual experts.
 Xanthus Communications offers the full array of services in public relations, marketing communications and reputation management.
 Xanthus makes a policy of conducting the utmost discretion in all its client relations. Client confidentiality is critical to our success. On behalf of our clients, we abide by the highest standards of integrity, honor and loyalty.
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Xanthus prides itself on having highly credentialed experts in a wide array of disciplines. Xanthus is the top resource to find a qualified expert to meet your needs.

Paule Attar
Hair and Beauty Expert
Virginia Gray Henry Blakemore
Expert in Islamic Spiritual Issues
Ed Bogen
Expert in Business Networking
Rabbi Dan Bridge
Youth and Culture Expert
Tim Cavanaugh
Celebrity Expert
Michael D. Cohn
Expert in Risk Management and Wealth Preservation

David N. Cook
Do-It-Yourself and Dream Home Building Expert
Heather Dominick
Energy Rich Coach Expert
Deborah Enos
CN Expert in Health, Wellness and Nutrition
Steve Feldman
Expert in Private Tutoring for Academic Subjects and Standardized Test Preparation
Andrew Fraknoi
Expert in Astronomy
Dr. Henri P. Gaboriau
Facial Cosmetic Surgery Expert
Howard E. Geltzer
High-Tech public relations Strategy Expert
Amy and Andrew Gideon
Software Design and Programming Experts

Tim Girvin
Branding and Design Expert
Milan Heger
Multi-Disciplinary Design Expert

Lorraine Howell
Media Skills Training Expert
Charles "Chip" Jacob
Biomedical Startup Expert
Chef Mary Beth Lawton Johnson
Executive Chef/Food Stylist Expert

Ariel and Shya Kane
Experts as Catalysts for Personal Transformation

Michael Kostov
Electronic Media Expert

Rabbi Anson Laytner
Interfaith Expert
Eric McLendon
Expert in Harlem Real Estate

Shawn McNally
Luxury Fashion Marketing Expert
Joe Puggelli
Organizational Management Expert
Stephen Quinn
Biomedical Startup Expert

Dr. Buddy D. Ratner
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board
Ratner Biomedical Group LLC

Barry Jay Reiss
Expert in Entertainment Law
Frankie Rongo
Fitness Expert
Roger Schmid
Fragrance Expert
Alicia Silva
Green-Building, Interior Design & Feng Shui Expert
Stephen Stewart
Expert in all aspects of the management of electronic documents
Marianne Sweeny
Search Technology Expert
Patricia Vaccarino
Public Relations Strategy for Individual Experts

Nick Verreos
Expert in Fashion
Eric Weaver
Blogging Expert

Kurt Weyerhauser
Expert in Executive Search
Sadee Whip
Expert in Applied Dynamic Intelligence™


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